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Name: Sayuri "Onitora" Kureaki
[小百合 "鬼虎" 暮秋 - "little lily", "demon tiger" "dusk, autumn"]
Age: 30-31 [Part I] 33-34 [Part II]
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Blood Type: 0
Birthday: March 23rd
Birthplace: Kumogakure
Current Residence: Hanagakure


Good Trait(s): Strong, Dedicated, Protective of his family, Loyal, Very Intelligent, Charismatic, Cunning, Sensitive, Kind (especially toward orphaned Children), Giving, Pragmatic, Brave, a bit Clumsy, Not Afraid of Speaking his Mind, Strong spirit of sacrifice, Resoluted

Bad Trait(s): Quick Temper,Arrogant, if provoked can be extremely Cruel, Manipulative, Dramatic, Brusque, Gruff, Mistrustful, Aloof; If Mad, can be quite feral, resentful, sarcastic (if somebody were to harm his family or the one he loves, he would go in full Roaring Rampage of Revenge mode); Can be quite the Jerkass, if he wants to;

Like(s): Alone Time, the quiet the nights bring, his adoptive parents, his wife Oka and their children, and his adopted child; his sister Yukaku Kureaki, to sleep on trees, swimming, tending to flowers,

Dislike(s): Orders being disregarded, Strangers, Disrispect toward the elderly; Orphaned Children and seeing them suffering, threats to his family; He doesn't really get along with his in-law; His natural parents, Mizuumi Hashirama and Kanashimi Kureaki; selfishness and greed;

Hobby(ies): Training, Swimming, Sleeping, gardening, He likes to work with the wood and to carve toys from it.

Fear(s): Abandonment, Failure, Discrimination,

Strength(s): Enhanced Physical Strenght, ambidextrous,

Weakness(es): His muscular mass makes him very slow, not a good chakra control, He lose his temper too quickly,


--Sayuri was born in Kumogakure, the bastard son of Hashirama Mizuumi and Kureaki Kanashimi. He was born out of an affair. His mother was only 16 at that time, not the maternal type (kind of a very solitary and brash kunoichi) and she was scared to death by the legittimate wife of Kanashimi; so she decided to give Sayuri up to adoption. Not wanting to give him to her original family (she was estranged from them), she decided to give him to Hiroshi and Hotaru Nakahara, a couple of 40-year-old farmers from the Hidden Cloud Village. Then she disappered completely from her son's life.

--Sayuri was not meant to become a shinobi, in the beginning. Even though his adoptive parents sent him to the Shinobi Academy in Kumogakure, they were planning to raise him a farmer, in order to help them in the fields when they would eventually grow old. Sayuri was content with his life, and would gladly comply with his parents' wish , in order to repay for all the gentleness and the love they gave him.

--Sayuri grew up happy and serene, even though he knew Hotaru and Hiroshi weren't his parents; in spite of their poverty, they would teach him to always be thankful for what he had, and they reminded him that, often, there were people who were even less fortunate than them. Because of their teaching, he became a generous and kind man.

--One day, Hotaru would fall severely ill. Without the money to buy the very expensive medicine, both Sayuri and Hiroshi knew that she was doomed to die. Not wanting to lose his dear mother, Sayuri decided to do something that would go against everything his parents taught him: he decided to infiltrate inside the Kumogakure's Laboratories and steal something for Hotaru. He was 15 at the time, but already an intimidating grown man of 1.89 m and 89 kg. With the help of his best friend Neko, he plotted a plan and carry it out;

--Sayuri was captured, but he wasn't punished for his actions. The Kumogakure was in great need of shinobi with his strenght, his resolution, his bravery, his spirit of sacrifice and his willingness to kill whoever stood in his way. So, even though he only attended the Shinobi Accademy without further training, the Kumogakure authorities decided to make him a warrior and an ANBU.

--From them, he realized he actually found what he was meant to be: a warrior and a killer. He also realized that, through that, he would be able to better take care of his adoptive parents. He discussed this with them , because he held their opinion in high regard, and even if they were displeased and saddened by the fact that he would be trained to be a killing machine, they decided to support his decision regardless, because they loved him. Around his 29th birthday, he would be assigned the command of a Squad of his own.

--He would meet his future wife, Hamasaki Oka, during a kidnapping mission.


Food(s): Everything cooked by Oka, but he is particularly fond of milk chocolate with almonds and Yakiniku
Drink(s): Sake
Color(s): Red, Orange, Black and White
Season(s): Autumn
Time of Day: Nightfall
Flower: Orchid and Lily
Animal: Tigers and Ravens

Least Favourites

Food(s): Anything blend and pre-cooked. Also, Sushi. He despises raw fish.
Drink(s): Water and Tea
Color(s): Green, Pink, Blue
Season(s): Spring and Winter
Time of Day: Early Morning
Flower: Lotus
Animal: Snakes and Dragon Lizard

Physical Appereance

Hair: Dark Auburn, almost black, spiky, long, well kept
Eyes: Amber, big, feral looking, mysterious,
Weight: 253 lbs (115 kg)
Height: 7 ft 1 in (2.16 m)


Mizuumi Hashirama (Biological Mother)
Kanashimi Kureaki (Biological Father)
Hotaru Nakahara (Adoptive Mother)
Hiroshi Nakahara (adoptive Father)
Yoshiro Kureaki (Adoptive Son)
Yukaku "Onikarasu" Kureaki (Full Sister)
Mizuhasu Kureaki (Half Brother from his Father's Side)
Kasumi Kureaki (Half Sister from his Father's side)
Oka Hamasaki (Wife)
Shidou Kureaki (Son)
Byakko Kureaki (Daughter)
Ayame and Torajima Kureaki (Twin Daughter and Son)
Kichiro Kureaki (Son)

Ninja Classification

Affiliation: Kumogakure (then Hanagakure)
Ninja Rank: Jounin
Accademy Graduation Age: 12 years old
Chakra Nature:
Kekkei Genkai:
Weapons: Double Katana, Tekagi-Shuko
Missions: Rank S (WIP)
         Rank A (WIP)
         Rank B (WIP)
         Rank C (WIP)
         Rank D (WIP)


-- He has two obsessions he cannot forbear: smoking and eating almond milk chocolate. Everytime he has to go on a mission, he always make sure to pack his cigarettes and his chocolate. He gave up his smoking only during each of Oka's pregnancies, and would resort to smoke afar from his children after their birth.

-- He's terrible with names. Everytime he encounters someone new, he would need at least 2-3 weeks before committing it to memory. And this would lead to all kind of funny malapropism.

-- He can be quite touchy and paranoid about his physical form. Around his 45th birthday, Oka would casually point out that Sayuri was growing a bit flabby, especially around his stomach. Even if such a comment was meant to be just a casual remark, it hit him like a punch in the guts. After that, he would forsake his beloved chocolate and Oka's wonderful homecooking , and would start training non-stop, in order to regain his physical form.
(WIP) Sayuri Onitora Kureaki ~ bio infos
Hi there everyone! long time no see! :) I am really really sorry to be this absent from DA, but it's really difficult for me to find the time to draw or produce anything artistic. Being a full time mom is exhausting job, and by the time I put the baby to sleep, I fall asleep with her. So, the only hours off-duty I get are when she naps. I realize I am really too slow when it comes to draw and colour digitally, and this is stopping me from drawing as I did before becoming a mom. Traditional art is now my only way to express myself, so expect a lot of them from now on. Especially in black and white.
Anyway, enough about my time as a mom!
I wanted to upload my Naruto Oc's biography, so here it is! Finally I was able to shape it better, to make it more to my liking. I have always had ideas for him, but they never were definitive. Now they finally are! :) This is still a Work In Progress, which means that there are still a few infos missing from this bio, which I will update soon enough!
His preview image is also a traditional media sketch I made less than 10 days ago. I really, really like how he turned out. It really reflects the way I have always imagined him.

:) talk to you really soon!


Oka Kureaki and Byakko Kureaki belongs to :iconnyanri:
Naruto Belongs to Masashi Kishimoto


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I'm a self-taugh artist who just enjoys drawing and creating!

Current Residence: Italy
Favourite Person: My Dearest Husband :iconreaper-for-love:, Erik The Phantom of the Opera, Sherlock Holmes and Commodore James Norrington..these 4 are my sweethearts! :squee:
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Hi everyone!

Yeah, I'm not dead (not yet), but life with a baby is quite exausting and it's keeping me away from DA. I barely have the time to sketch something on my drawing pad, and I miss talking to all of you (as much as I love my baby, I really would love to talk about something else than baby's bowel movements and baby's food! :) ).
It has been 9 months since she was born, and my life has been completely put upside down (in a positive way! :) ). 
so..yeah, just wanted to let you know that I'm still around! I don't think  I will be able to resume my digital drawing activity any time soon, but I might with my traditional media (good ol' pencils and paper sheets!). I don't know...

well, cheerio!!


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